Infinity Wars

Infinity Wars is the digital trading card game that I developed at Lightmare Studios. Having seen the project through two crowdsourcing campaigns and successfully getting green-lit and released on Steam, it gave good insight into the indie world. I worked on a variety of tasks on the project, most notably implementing the later card sets.

Check it out here!


Working primarily with fellow students, many Saturdays and holidays were dedicated to developing AbraWORDabrA while still at university. The game would probably be best described as an action word-game for mobile devices.

AbraWORDabrA is available for iOS and Android.


Ehanyo was made during Qantm College‘s mid-trimester 40 hour game making challenge. The stimulus words for the challenge were “understand”, “reflect”, and “companion”. As such, Ehanyo was developed as a co-operative puzzle platformer made in Unity3D. The team for the project consisted of three of us from Devour, alongside an external programmer and audio technician.

Ehanyo is available to be played on Kongregate.


Badger Rescue

“Badger Rescue” was created as a part of IDGA’s 48 hour game making challenge. The objective of the challenge was to create a game within the 48 hour time period using the keywords “badger”, “key”, and “suit”. Written in Java and playable on Android devices with gyroscopic controls, our team of five (two programmers, two artists and a designer) was able to win the People’s choice award.

Badger Rescue is available for download here.


University work

Final Project – “Bust-Arena”

Created over a six month period, Bust-Arena is a multiplayer battle-arena with the objective of knocking opponents off the arena. Our team is comprised of two programmers, three artists and a designer, and is being written in C++ using Ogre3D for rendering.